• Type: Marketing, Web, Application, UX & UI Design

Canvas Pop offers an intuitive experience that allows people to design and ship their own customized prints from almost any device. 

Whether the user accesses the service through a desktop browser or mobile device, the interface is straightforward to use. 

Various API integrations allow a user to edit photos online, directly from social media apps like Instagram or Facebook.

Design for the 'About Us' page incorporates an animated story as the user scrolls. This animation shows the user's journey of uploading an image, customizing their print and the hassle-free delivery.

A curated, user-generated gallery allows potential cutomers to gain inspiration for their decorative prints. This also acted as a funnel that led to increasing sales within the site.

An interactive delivery map with an on-brand, customized Google Maps API designed for a partnership with Uber rush. 

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